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4728G Eternally Yours Locking Steel Slave Cuffs

Old school bondage and punishment!

These cuffs will keep your slave Eternally Yours. They are perfect for role play too! Once the Eternally Yours Locking Steel Slave Cuffs lock shut there's no escape without the key.

Its sturdy steel construction ensures that your slave will be at your mercy no matter how much they struggle. A chain welded between the cuffs allows your pet to perform serving duties while being helplessly locked up too. (I knew you'd like that!)

The solid steel cuffs pop open by turning the unique key all the way in to the bar and locks when the key is removed. This key is one of a kind, so don't do anything so naughty that your Master or Mistress "loses" the key on purpose!

With your slave all bound up, it is a perfect opportunity to have them blindfolded, gagged, and spanked! There are tons of other bondage gear to choose from ;)

These cuffs are 1" wide and will fit up to 9" making them suitable for elbows and ankles also.

Strictness Rating: 4.0

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