4795A Gentle Persuasion Diamond Blue & White Leather Wrist Cuffs

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Our Gentle Persuasion Diamond Blue & White Leather Wrist Cuffs are super sexy and adjustable pieces that work great for bondage scenes or simply as a fashion statement. Any way you decide, it's definitely a persuasive way to get your girl all bound up in this absolutely GORGEOUS Diamond Blue bondage leather!

These wrist cuffs are made to last, and allow for all types of hardware and leash connections. Attach a chain connector, a snap hook or other hardware to those handy D-rings to captivate your Persuaded Bondage slave!

When I first wore it, I was surprised to find that our Diamond Blue bondage gear not only looks great, but is very comfortable and easy to wear. The process used to make our Diamond Blue leather color is slightly different and creates a softer temper to the leather, but it's still just as strong and durable.

See our matching Diamond Blue leather gear and complementary Gentle Persuasion Diamond Blue & White Leather Ankle Cuffs and Gentle Persuasion Diamond Blue & White Leather Collar for a complete set.

We just love this color and we know you will too. That's why we've made it easy for you to select all the matching Diamond Blue Leather Bondage Gear from our complete collection. Create your perfect bondage gear playtime matched set!

A high quality roller style buckle on each cuff allows you to easily adjust these fine leather cuffs from 6.5" - 10".

Strictness Rating:  2.0

PS: Guys, your girl will love this! She'll definitely want more! Don't buy this if you don't want your slave girl wishing to be completely bound up and gagged head to toe for you... *wink*

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