4797A Y-Tie Collar to Wrist Connection Strap

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Y-Tie Collar to Wrist Connection Strap stops naughty and bratty slaves from always asking why and talking back to their owners. Wink!

With this strap, it acts as a restraining bondage accessory for your set of wrist cuffs and collar. Since it is adjustable, you decide if your pet deserves a loosely secured Y-tie or test her flexibility by making each strap a whole lot shorter. This certainly turns any cuffs and collar into a behind-the back restraint system, which is kinkier, sexier, and more fun!

Just turn the ring of the collar around to the back for behind-the-back and clip the Y-Tie to the collar, then the cuffs. You can also use it in front as a service set so your slave can be bound, but they can still serve you as desired. To maximize this beginner friendly bondage, add a training ball gag and some nipple clamps!

The Y-Tie is 20" long from the collar snap to the wrist snaps and the wrist snaps allow a total of 9" of distance between your cuffs.

You need matching gear and we've got you covered. Check out all our matchingBlack Leather Bondage Gear for the perfect match for this!

Strictness Rating: 2.5

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