489A Gag or Collar Reins

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Get ready for a wild ride! The Gag or Collar Reins will most likely reign as your new favorite easy to use bondageaccessory. It's very simple, yet can be used as for gag or collar, or if you are wickedly creative enough, you can use this for other kinky purposes. It is compact and light-weight, you can literally bring it anywhere with you. Just a tip, when vanilla people ask, tell them its an extra bag strap. Wink!

To maximize the potential of this sexy gag or collar reins, get different hardwareconnections. Beginnerscan explore pet play by doing a mix and match with this one. Since it is made of black leather, it is expected to last for a long time and is safe and comfortable on the skin. 

I just love the feeling of being completely controlled and these gagreins are INCREDIBLE! Attach them to any one of my gags with ring sides like my pony bit gags, especially, but also my ring side ballgags, trainers and more!

You can use them for more than just gags and collars - attach them to cuffs, belts & more. You can make up a million ways to use these great reins to clip your slave in to be ridden hard! The scissors style snap clips with large thumb pieces are easy to use (even when your hands are slippery) and clip on and off quickly.

You're going to love our matching Black Leather Bondage Gear for the perfect companion pieces to this. Make the perfect bondage gear playtime set!

**Gag sold separately.

Our Gag or Collar Reins are 54" in total length, 3/4" straps.

Strictness Rating: 1.0

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