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6943AR Off Limits Locking Male Steel Chastity Belt with Penis Cage

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You know your boy toy needs this strict chastity so he can't toy with himself - only you are allowed access to his cock. You do own his cock after all, right? Our Off Limits Locking Male Steel Chastity Belt with Penis Cage just means he knows it's off limits to anyone but you! *wink*

Lots of requests have brought the Off Limits Locking Male Steel Chastity Belt with Penis Cage to our male chastity offerings and it's not hard to see why. In fact, it's not hard at all when it's locked away in this fine stainless steel chastity belt.

This sexy chastity is just the thing for your naughty boy. His cock will be entirely encased in that steel chastity tube and will be totally inaccessible to him. That steel penis chastity is attached to the wide steel crotch strap, making this set very strict indeed.

The cock chastity tube is 1.5" in diameter and is a total of 6" in length along the top (longest) edge. The curved lower inside length is substantially smaller.

The crotch panel and the waist strap both lock on so the only way he'll be getting any satisfaction or relief is with your permission. Now that's power! The belt is lined with a food grade silicone liner which can be trimmed once you've adjusted the belt for the perfect fit, so it's practically a custom fit piece. Additionally, the chain between the legs is coated with the same high quality, durable silicone. That center chain can also be adjusted so it's attached to the perfectly centered hole in the back of the belt.

Security isn't compromised by the wide adjustability available because the screw heads are hidden inside the belt. When the nylon insert lock nuts are screwed on tightly, there's no removing them without tools. Once the adjustments for size are made, they won't have to be made again unless you want to, so putting it on is actually quite simple and quick. 

The entire Off Limits Locking Male Steel Chastity Belt with Penis Cage set is covered in sexy, comfortable soft silicone, from the lower interior of the crotch panel to the waist belt itself. Once size adjustments are made, those rubber linings can be trimmed for the perfect fit making it seem like a custom-made piece for your slave boy toy. After all, nothing says you care about his enforced chastity quite like the perfect fit!

The waist belt fits from 24" - 46". The crotch strap is also adjustable for the perfect fit and locks on with the simplicity of a single, included brass padlock.

Strictness Rating:   5.0

This item is made from Stainless Steel.

**Please note that due to the personal nature of this item and because this item is subject to genital and bodily fluid contact, this item is non-returnable.

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