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7395AC 7-Function Silicone Beginner’s Prostate Stimulator - DEAL FRENZY!

If you’re just starting in the anal play game, then this Silicone Beginner’s Prostate Stimulator is the perfect sex toy for you (or for your lovely little pet/slave)! Train any beautifully tight ass to stretch to your liking and fill it to the brim by shoving this anal toy lovingly into anyone who is willing. 
This prostate stimulator features a rounded tip, with a slim and gently tapered body. Its length, structure, and material will give you that butt-tingling sensation during insertion. The rounded tip makes for an exciting stretch during initial insertion but will slide and sit comfortably within you with its slim body. The silky-smooth silicone texture helps ease it in comfortably, allowing you to feel the shaft gently making its way inside, creating an amazing feeling of fullness and deep sexual pleasure.  
The structure and slight flex of the anal toy ensures that it finds that sensitive prostate and sits there to torture you until you can’t take it anymore! This wonderful sex toy has a narrow body that allows the sphincter muscles to wrap around and hold it in, while the wide set base ensures that it won't slip too far inside as you hump and grind to your heart's content ;)  
Make sure to also exploit the vibrating feature of this fun anal stimulator! It has a total of 7 functions controlled by a small and easy to use remote, so you can choose how intense your anal play session can be! Experiment with the vibrations to familiarize yourself with some intense movements in anal play. Experience a true prostate orgasm with the 7-Function Silicone Prostate Stimulator and enjoy all the benefits of anal play! 
Make your entry into the anal territory pleasurable and orgasmic with this fantastic silicone prostate massager! 
Be sure to use plenty of lubricant or one of our special numbing anal lubricants for an extra wet and wild encounter! Of course, remember to always sanitize your toys with our antibacterial sex toy cleaners before and after use! 

The insertable length is 4" with a width of .88". 

Requires two (2) AAA battery (not included)