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769HS Forever Locking Steel Rings Slave Cuffs

Hurry! Only 4 left in stock!

Do you have a slave whom you want to keep forever? Do you want to make them yours forever and bind them elegantly and beautifully? Our Forever Locking Steel Rings Slave Cuffs is exactly what you've been looking for!

These incredible and uniquely designed chromed steel cuffs are a set of rings which open like a flower to capture your slave's wrists in a pretty little steel cage. Once the four bars are closed up around their wrists, just put the included padlock (Yes, you get to play straight out of the box!) through the tab and they're yours. Now what could be more perfect than that?

With your slave locked tight, you can even get a gag, a blindfold, and a paddle to get some spanking going on!

Unique, elegant and beautiful, our Forever Locking Steel Rings Slave Cuffs come complete with a padlock and two keys so you can keep your slave all to yourself. *wink*

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Slave cuffs measure 4 1/2" diameter. 

Strictness Rating: 4.5

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