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8790HS Crazy Girls Open Breast Straitjacket Top

Bind your submissive's arms in front or in back for inescapable fun!

Perfect for Crazy Girls, this open breast straitjacket style top is just the thing to subdue your naughty sub. The open breast style allows you access to all the fun bits even while bound tightly and inescapably... and doesn't that sound nice? (For both of you!)

Crafted of high quality leatherette, the design of this top includes a collar with a large D-ring, a buckling top, full sleeves, a D-ring attachment tether point and lots of straps! First, buckle it on in back - there are four straps to buckle the top itself on tightly including the collar strap. The collar strap itself is a complete strap that encircles the neck and holds a large D-ring to attach your choice of leashes or hardware for leading or other bondage fun. (Leashes or other hardware not included.)

From that center point, a strap travels between the breasts to the tether point for the sleeves. The strap length is adjustable for the perfect fit, keeping everything cinched together tightly. The strap that holds the sleeve tether D-ring buckles in back to provide the perfect anchor for a naughty sub's arms trapped in the full sleeves. A detachable strap is included that lets you decide if you'll tether the sleeves through that D-ring anchor point or use it in some other way. D-rings even adorn the tips of each sleeve, so you'll have plenty of options (though your sub won't!)

Measures 16" across the shoulder seams, 28" from shoulder to end of arm and 7" in arm width, 42" - 46" around the chest, up to 17 1/2" collar, and features 1" straps (compatible with our extender straps if needed!)

The open breast design allows you to play, tease or torment as much as you'd like even with your girl bound in this leatherette jacket set. As long as you have access, why not take a look through our Nipple Toys Collection for something fun to use that access for?  It's not just for Crazy Girls either - Crazy Guys can get bound up in it too!

Please note, as this is a PVC item, it not only costs far less than leather, it is designed to beautifully and erotically restrain and will not withstand heavy struggling or stresses or strains on the material. It's a great way to play for less!

Strictness Rating: 4.25

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