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926W Black Latex Armbinder Sheath - Hurry - Final Closeout!


Sexy and strict yet comfortable enough to wear for extended periods of time, the Latex Armbinder Sheath puts a new twist on the classic armbinder.

It's really not hard to see why this Latex Armbinder Sheath has been so popular. (And easy to see why other things are so hard... *wink*). I'm guessing your imagination is already running wild, but if you need a little help on this one, I've got lots of imagination you can borrow from.

First, why do you want this? Well, the latex is a very high quality. It's stretchy and not so thick that it's hot an uncomfortable to wear, but not too thin, either. Like Goldilocks, your sub has got it pretty good here because this latex is just right!

The Latex Crossed Armbinder Sheath is a little different than your regular armbinder, because it keeps your arms crossed it the back, making it more comfortable and easier to wear than a single-glove style armbinder, while still maintaining strictness. I certainly couldn't get out of this one!  It also has latex buckling strap which comes around the front, securing your lover tightly into place. 

Next, the obvious benefits of having your submissive's naked breasts and nipples bared and available for play and torment is a pretty wonderful feature of this already super-wonderful armbinder. Go ahead and select some nipple clamps, suction toys, non-piercing jewelry, some rope for a nice breast bondage to tie her up tight...whatever you like to play with! They're out there and they're all yours after all! *wink*

Finally, who doesn't love the shine from a beautifully polished, glossy latex piece of latex or rubber bondage gear? I know I do and I know someone who loves it even more than I do! Do you? Of course you do, and now you have something wonderful to shine up for them! Be sure to pick up some of our Silicone Lubricant to shine your latex to a gorgeous lusty gloss like we have here.


The Medium/Large has a flexible shoulder length of 23" across and is 24" in length. Please keep in mind that this is latex and latex stretches to mold to your body to give you that sexy form fitting custom fit look which will drive your lover wild.  You can safely add 3" to these measurements because of this, possibly more...depending upon how tight you want your latex. *wink*

Available in Large / Extra Large.

Strictness Rating:   5.0


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