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956A Purple Pony Comfort Bit Gag Trainer

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Be My Pretty Little Pony!

Beautiful and different! Pony play can be fun and sexy without causing discomfort from a hard rubber bit. This gag features a soft rubber bit separated in the center, allowing it to fit easier into your pony guy or gal's mouth. The bit is generously rubberized for comfort and the joint in the middle of the bit helps it flex and conform to the contours of your sub's mouth and face for long-term wear (training?).

The joint is also chromed for a sexy look. It is easier to wear and even easier to breathe through while wearing, making this gag great for those who have small mouths or suffer with jaw problems and have problems breathing through their nose. Crafted of our sturdy, yet soft lilac purple leather plus O-rings, the straps meet at the forehead and the top of the head. So, you can add your own additional hardware, or your favorite leash or a pair of gag reins - because we know how sassy ponies can be!

The straps buckle at the sides of the head to ensure the "sturdy"-style trainer straps won't slip off. The gag strap buckles at the back of the head as well as under the chin so you can adjust it for the perfect fit. Everything uses the highest quality roller buckles for a quick, tight and painless fit every time. The chromed metal "snaffle bits" at the sides (those pointy bits) are a wonderful pony-like feature to the overall look of your pet & pony play.

Be sure to see my matching purple gag reins for this lovely gag, a nice purple collar like I'm wearing and check out my Crops & Canes collection for something to train your pretty pony sub with too!

The gag trainer features two 1 1/2" rubber bits connected by hardware for your sub to bite on. It fits from 17" up to 21" at the mouth strap and up to 15" over the top of the head from the O-ring at the forehead.

PS: When I checked which of the My Little Pony ponies was purple, I had *no idea* there were that many of them! In fact, I came across a "My Pretty Pony Resource Guide" which displayed 97 purple My Little Ponies. 97!

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Strictness Rating:  3.5