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9711BD Vinyl Open Breast Bondage Armbinder Top

Absolutely inescapable!

Slip your lover into the smooth look of this armless single glove top and you'll both be amazed. You don't have to be and expert (or even any good!) at tying to make your lover beautifully and helplessly bound in our Vinyl Open Breast Armbinder Top.

This single glove top has a smooth and complete look, with the arms being inescapably trapped in the vinyl armbinder sheath. It goes on over the head, leaving the breasts exposed for any kind of nipple play (or torture!) you have in mind, then the arms are fit into the single glove sheath.

Once zipped up all the way to the high collar, your slave sweetie will be completely, helplessly and inescapably trapped within this supple vinyl prison! It's so quick and easy to get into - just a single, quick zipper, then you can buckle the locking straps (padlocks not included) as tight as your slave can take it.

You'll both be surprised at how easy and quick it is to become completely helpless with a simple "zip!" You'll be completely at your Master's or Mistress' mercy! Straps at the collar, elbows, forearms and wrists pull everything in tightly while a sexy, loop O-ring at the front of the collar and D-rings at both sides of the collar and at tip of the glove's mitten end offers you another four attachment points for all your favorite hardware or bondage connections.

Connect them together to trap your slave's hands against their butt!

Shiny black vinyl.

It's so easy to put on - just slip the collar hole over your head and slip your arms through. Put your arms behind you and *ziiip!* - you're in armbinder bondage! Then the straps can get buckled up nice and tight and padlocked on if you like. It's actually pretty easy to wear, but don't tell Master or Mistress that - this is our secret! 

Please note, as this is a PVC item, it not only costs far less than leather, it is designed to beautifully and erotically restrain and will not withstand heavy struggling or stresses or strains on the material. It's a great way to play for less!

The measurements for this item area 22 1/4" under breast length, 35" on top, 28" at elbow ara, and 20" at wrist and it is approximately 35" in total length.

Strictness Rating: 4.5

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