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1882P Anal Anchor, Neon Purple

Phthalates Free  

The Anal Anchor, Neon Purple will be a great and unique addition to your sexual arsenal. I'm certain you will find new, inventive ways to use it every time you feel inspired!

Perfect for those who are new to anal play, the silicone Neon Purple Anal Anchor is just what you need to explore the sexual satisfaction awaiting you in anal stimulation. Made of super-smooth, phthalate-free, body-safe silicone, the round tip inserts easily while the wide base ensures it won't slip too far inside. It will be perfect for any level of stimulation.

At 3.5 inches long and 0.75 inches wide, this beginner's anal plug fits super comfortably between the butt cheeks of the wearer and features a narrow neck that allows the muscles to wrap around and hold it in. Try tugging your Anal Anchor mid-orgasm for the most explosive climax you've ever imagined! Just remember to wear a gag before you do or else you risk waking up the neighbors!

You can use it for solo play or with your submissive partner in a complex BDSM scene with them wearing this amazing Anchor! Your submissive will be more excited and open to your sexual ideas while wearing this. You will enjoy the tightness of their genitalia and find pleasure in every moan or muffle they make to express their excitement!

Your new toy cleans up easily with a few spritzes of our toy cleaner and warm water. Always remember to use plenty of lubricant or one of our special numbing Anal Lubricants for an extra wet and wild encounter!

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