8872M Arctic Fox Chrome Fox Tail Butt Plug


When I saw these, I squealed. Yes, I admit it. Now it's your turn, because I thought they were so cute, you have to have one too! 

So, you want a cute furry tail for your cuddly little pet? Well, have we got the toy for you! This is perfect for a furry fox, furry kitty, furry raccoon or any other furry animal. You and your pet will definitely have lots of fun with this Arctic Fox Chrome Fox Tail Butt Plug! The tri-colored (and very fluffy!) synthetic tail on its end will suit a lot of roleplay costume or pet play scenes. 

All that fun, and it's still small enough that you can use this for training beginners or new pets! This smooth chromed butt plug is just 2.75” long with an insertable length of 2.5”. It also has a graduated width of an easy to wear 1” diameter at its widest point. The flared middle makes this pretty little plug stay put no matter what sexual acts you’re playing without it falling out. The fluffy tail attached to the plug measures 17.5”, so enjoy crawling around with your tail, wag it, swish it from side to side and feel the super soft fur caress your pet’s legs and thighs. You can even enjoy bondage or give your pretty fox a whipping with this furry tail plug on, especially when your pet is being a little naughty! 

The chrome plug is also sensitive to temperature changes, so you can definitely add some temperature play to your sessions. Make your little one squirm with an ice-cold anal plug and give them a taste of pleasurable torture as foreplay. 

Now, you can finally find out not only what the fox says but also how hard a certain fox orgasms (or kitty or puppy or...). All this without the annoying, ‘What does the fox say’ song in your head.  And if the fox talks too much - well, you know, you can always gag them to muffle their little whimpers. *wink* 

Be sure to use plenty of lubricantor one of our special anal lubricants for an extra wet and wild anal play! Clean up is a snap after the fun with one of our antibacterial toy cleaners. Just a spritz and some hot water on your sex toys and you're ready for more fun next time!

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