1638R Barbie Silicone Breast Form Enhancers, Cup Size B

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Do you need a little more than just your regular bra padding to fill out your gorgeous new dress? On the other hand, are you simply looking for kinky bondage gear to feminize your sweet man? Well honey, look no further! You're sure to make heads turn all day and night with our Barbie Silicone Breast Form Enhancers in Cup size B!

Personally, I love getting pounded while my dom happily squeezes my tits. But if this isn't the case for you, then this pair of fake boobies will fully transform you into the naughty little kitten for the twisted DDLG or Daddy Dom / Little Girl relationship you desire.

Crafted of the softest silicone rubber, these chest enhancers are made to look and feel like real breasts. So, you'll immediately forget you're actually wearing them!

In addition to making you look even more fabulous in your clothes, they are also perfect when you just want to flaunt a bustier look on a wild night out on the town or during a sexy night in with your lover behind closed doors. It's great for cross-dressing and feminizing willing male slaves as well! Plus, it goes well with male chastity devices like a humbler or whatever you may want.

Have we mentioned these breast forms are easy to wear? Simply position the breast forms on top of your chest then slip on your favorite bra or kinky apparel. Adjust them for the perfect fit and you're done! The lesser time it takes for you to get ready, the more time you'll have for some naughty fun!

Are you looking for something specific? Check out our vast collection of breast form enhancers for different styles and cup sizes we offer!

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