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1639R Barbie Silicone Breast Form Breast Enhancers, Cup Size C - FLASH FRENZY!

That bitch may have everything, but it's all fake. Now you can enjoy a little bit of fake that looks and feels very real - and very sexy!

Catch adoring stares with these Barbie Silicone Breast Form Breast Enhancers! Our Barbie Silicone Breast Form Breast Enhancers Real-Feel breast form enhancers will increase your cup size, make that dress fit better or simply allow you flaunt your great new tits.

They're soft, perfectly shaped and very lifelike so they'll enhance you more naturally than padding. They're perfect for adding to what you've got and creating sexy cleavage. The included nipples look great poking out in your favorite top, sheer bra underneath a shirt or that catsuit or lingerie you've been wanting to fill out a bit more.

They're so easy to wear too - Simply position these breast enhancers inside your bra,  corset, catsuit or your whatever you'd like, and they're pushed up and tantalizingly outwards to create amazing cleavage.

These big C cup enhancers are just the thing to bring you from flat to perky. Wear them for a night out or in the bedroom to enhance your favorite lingerie. They're so easy to wear and you'll love the way they look. With so many reasons for having these wonderful breast enhancing forms, you'll want to try some of the other cup sizes we offer.

These are perfect for cross dressing and feminizing male slaves too!