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2523LT Beginner’s Breather Black Ball Cinch Strap Gag

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Looking for a non-threatening way to get your lover into a ball gag or are you just starting out with bondage?  Then our Beginner’s Breather Black Ball Cinch Strap Gag is perfect for you.  Or for the noisy co-worker in your office.  No judgment really, but do they really need to take a 15 minute coffee break to talk about American Idol? Yeah....we didn't think so either....so keep this ball gag in your desk for just such an emergency.

This wonderful nylon cinch strap holds our perfect breather ball gags just perfectly in your perfect slave’s (or noisy co-worker's) mouth. Just one loop around, thread the strap through the end and *Viola*, the perfect fit! Plus, no more American Idol talk...or sassy slave talk either. *wink*

The ball gag itself are our wonderfully easy to wear breather gag balls which are a 1.75" diameter – fun for everyone!  Perfect for those bondage slaves with colds, sinus issues, sassy mouths or in need of gag training.

Fits up to 22 1/2' .

For more information, please see our Gags FAQ page.

Strictness Ratings: 1.5