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9085ZG Black Cat Spandex Catsuit with Zip

The Black Cat is the ultimate femme fatale as she seduces and flaunts her curves in her incredibly sexy black catsuit. The Black Cat Spandex Catsuit with Zip allows you to not only act out your fantasy but fully live it. Take it beyond the movies and why not make your own, starring as the ultimate purring seductive leading lady, the Black Cat? 

Zip up the front to kick some ass or unzip the zipper as low you dare to reveal yourself to the hero in a sensual moment. Finally, for once, the Black Cat will get just what she deserves. And this time, it’s sure to be a happy ending for both of you. 

Wear this with your favorite bondage collarball gag, and cuffs. 

Available sizes: Medium & Extra Large  

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