2237ZG Black Lace Elbow Length Opera Gloves

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Are you looking for accessories to perform the perfect strip tease or do you want to dress up in sexy outfit? This pair of sexy Black Lace Elbow Length Opera Gloves is the perfect accessory to any outfit! They’re easy to wear and, more importantly, quick to take off. Slide them down your arms slowly and seductively, one by one, while you shimmy and shake to the rhythm of the music. Drive him wild with every sway of your hips. 

Do you want an instant makeover? Why not pair it with a wig and sexy shoes? That’s right…you can change your entire look in 30 seconds or less with a simple flick of the wrist? Who do you want to be in your role play tonight? 

It gets better when you pair this with your favorite pair of bondage wrist cuffs along with a gag and kinky lingerie set. 

One Size fits most. 

For more information on choosing the right size for you or for a gift, please see our Lingerie Sizing Charts to also help you with converting US and international sizing. 

Want more? Check out our full bondage gear collection for more fun options.

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