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3453F Black Waist Slimming Body Shaper DEAL FRENZY

Our Black Waist Slimming Body Shaper is just the thing to help give you that seamless hourglass look you want, without the difficulty of laces or hook and eye busk closures. It makes BDSM sessions so much fun and convenient! No more snagged hooks or tangled laces! Wear this with your favorite bondage gear and have access to all the sensitive parts of your body without losing your perfect curves.  

So easy to use and feels so good to wear as well! Slip it on, insert your favorite pair of breast form enhancers and that's it. Now you can fit into your sexiest dress and love the way you look!  

It's not just for women, as the black waist slimmer body shaper can also take on men’s body type! If Master or Mistress loves seeing you in pretty dresses and skirts, then you can use the body slimmer to give your body the right curves to fit perfectly into your costume. Why spend all that time on your hair and makeup if you're not going to go that extra step and look the part from top to bottom? 

You can even wear this black waist-slimmer with your chastity belt on and further please your Master or Mistress. *wink* 

Available in Ladies’ size Medium or Large 

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