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7293WJ Blackline Stainless Steel Double Locking Handcuffs - FLASH FRENZY!

Blackline bondage = sexy and satisfying true bondage!

You love the feeling of true restraint. You want to be able to really struggle and feel the pressure of the cuffs while your lover has their way with you. You want the feel of steel cuffs, so why bother with anything less than our Blackline Stainless Steel Double Locking Handcuffs? 

These blackline metal cuffs are anodized with a sexy black finish because you not only love strict bondage, you love something different! The industrial, near indestructable design, ensures years of trouble free service.

So lock up your lover but don’t throw away the key - these are perfect for anything from role-playing to serious bondage! And if things get too hot and heavy to handle, these cuffs include a quick release switch to switch positions and continue the fun in a flash! How many ways can you assume the position?

Comes with 2 keys.

Strictness Rating: 2.0