1872G The Secretary Stainless Steel Chromed Submissive Yoke Restraint

Break out the red markers, this one's going to make for a wild night! (Or weekend, or week, or...rowr!) Our beautiful, gleaming chromed steel restraint will make you forget about the television, work and everything else you don't want to think about.

If you haven't seen the bondage themed movie The Secretary, it really won't matter because you'll have a much better time creating your own scenes with our The Secretary Stainless Steel Chromed Submissive Yoke Restraint. (I will give you a hint, though - red correction markers and an even redder butt play a starring role!)

This sturdy steel bar comes with locking chromed steel cuffs on each end that lock your slave very securely into place. The locking collar is hinged for easy application as are the wrist cuffs on either end. This set is ready to tame even the wildest slave, so bring it on!

Because this wonderful set allows only for the most limited movement, it's perfect for slave training or for just showing your slave who's really in charge (not that I would know anything about that...). The locking cuffs and collar all use a hex key style screw.

The "key" style may vary from that pictured to an "allen wrench" style, but either key is easy to use so you'll get a good grip on it even if your fingers are very slippery. From...you know...uh, something. (Hey, it's not like they can stop you with their hands locked in place with this gleaming steel restraint set!) *wink*

Please note, the locking mechanism is not a screw, but a "open/close" mechanism which can be turned left or right. The center position allows the cuffs and collar to be opened, turning the mechanism either left or right locks the piece in place.

The posture bar is 33" in total length with a 11.5" of chromed steel bar between each cuff and the collar in the center. The collar fits up to 14.75" and the cuffs fit up to 7.25".

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Strictness Rating: 5.0

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