7082A Sweet Treat Candy Blue Leather Orgasm Harness

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The original!

Kinda makes you shiver just thinking about it, doesn't it? There's no escape from the pleasure and torment of multiple orgasms this harness will bring - but why would you want to?

This adorable Candy Blue Leather harness is adjustable in more ways than one  so it not only fits you, it fits your favorite vibrator with a base! Designed for use with a magic wand (shown but sold separately), it also works with any kind of vibrator with a base (or even a dildo with a base if you like) like my multi-function vibrators such as the "rabbit" style vibrators - every girl should have a rabbit and others where the strap of the harness can be buckled around the base of the toy.

The vibrator strap adjusts from a 7" diameter to a 2" diameter. In addition to that adjustment, there are 4 other straps to make sure this harness not only fits you and your favorite vibrator, but also puts it exactly where it should be! Two straps adjust independently from the waist in front to pull it up to where it belongs and a crotch strap pulls it tightly there so your vibrator won't be going anywhere but you'll be cumming!

Everything is made of soft leather for comfort with the highest quality roller buckles for ease of use. It'll surely drive you wild! 

Make sure to see my Wand Style Vibrators collection to pair with your new favorite toy for multiple orgasms you can't escape! Don't forget to select a quality lubricant from my lubes and lotions collection for your insertables.

You're going to love our matching Candy Blue Leather Bondage Gear for the perfect companion pieces to this. Make the perfect bondage gear playtime set!

One size fits from 27" up to 38" hips. Plus size fits from 36" up to 48" hips.

Strictness Rating: 3.0

5 stars = Honestly, I had high hopes for this when I bought it and I wasn't disappointed! My Master had a little trouble getting it to work with my rabbit, but he figured it out. We picked up the wand vibe it's shown with and it works great with that. There's just the right amount of adjustments that the ball of the wand was right on my clit, so that was perfect. LOL I can struggle with it on, but it doesn't move much. Sometimes, you just don't know if these things will work like they're advertised to, but I've got to say that this one does! Two thumbs way up!

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