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3479LT Dark Velvet Desires Black Love Mask - LAST CHANCE - Final Closeout!


Limited to one per customer.

Enjoy a sexually thrilling night of erotic games and playful teasing with our luxurious Dark Velvet Desires Black Love Mask!

Luscious dark black colored mask to symbolize great power and mystery. Who desires both? I know, I do! *wink*

Made from strong silky nylon, this darling blindfold is the perfect bondage accessory to get your lover in the mood for some sensual play time. It is flexible, durable, and stays fixed in place even during the raunchiest scenes. Thanks to the sturdy elastic strap holding it up, this blindfold sits comfortably tight and secure as it follows the natural curves of the face. You can be sure it won't suddenly slip off to ruin any amorous affair.

Explore the many ways you can tempt, tease, and sexually torture your lover once they have this blindfold on! Visual sensory deprivation encourages a person to focus their attention on their other bodily senses rather than their physical surroundings. This creates a heightened level of anticipation and a sensitivity to stimulation triggering stronger and more intense orgasms! What better way to play around with some sexy bondage gear and sex toys from our many collections! The best part about all this is your lover can't see what naughty surprise you have in store for them ;)

Strictness Rating: 1.0