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9972R Exotica Black Leather Look Calf High Ballet Boots

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Sky High heels are my favorite and these gorgeous Exotica Black Leather Look Calf High Ballet Boots will become your favorite too!

Divinely sexy and the ultimate in fetish footwear, our matte black ballet boots will keep your lover in a true bind. I mean really, isn't it what you want?  These incredibly high 8" fetish ballet heel boots are the ultimate bondage footwear accessory.

It's like you're bound even if you aren't tied up at all (with something like one of our wicked cuffs!) I mean, where are you running to in these heels, what's more, can you even run in them? It's why these ballet heels have always been a definite fan favorite for making a slave into a perfect bondage doll. Dollification is the ultimate in bondage and ownership. Imagine being someone's completely helpless bondage slave toy...Mmmmmm. : )

A quick zip on side means these go on fast and easy - so you can get to playing right away. By the way, a quick zip also means it's easy to take off. We always like it when things come off easily too. *wink*

Would you like to walk in sexy ballet heels like these (you know you want to!)? These calf high style shoes give your ankles more support and makes them easier to walk in. It's just like standing on ice skates or roller skates. So with a bit of practice, your Master or Mistress could soon be leading you on your collar and  leash while you're wearing these gorgeous boots!

If you're loving this design and you want more to add to your collection, check out our other shoe and foot bondage designs. While you're at it, I highly suggest you get some black leatherette fetish gear to match.

Available in sizes 6-14.

**Please note: We generally recommend selecting one size larger if you are not used to wearing heels. If you have a wide foot, try two sizes larger than your normal shoe size. For Male to Female conversion, choose a size two sizes larger than a female shoe. For example, a male size 9 shoe is a size 11 in ladies.

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