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9989AE Fetish Princess Pink Ballet Boots

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Do you have a beautiful little princess who you need to keep close tabs on?  Or perhaps just a naughty slave who you find intoxicating sexy and you'd love to see in these ultimately strict bondage ballet shoes?  Or are they for you? We're certain that you'll get dressed up and played with in our Fetish Princess Pink Ballet Boots.

Divinely sexy and the ultimate in fetish footwear, our princess pink ballet boots will keep your lover in a true bind. And really, isn't that what you want after all?  These incredible, incredibly high 8" fetish ballet heel boots are the ultimate bondage footwear accessory.

They're like bondage even if you aren't all tied up - I mean, where are you running to in these heels? These have always definitely been a fan favorite for making a slave into a bondage doll. Dollification is the ultimate in bondage and ownership - to be someone's completely helpless bondage slave toy...Mmmmmm. :) That's what makes these ballet heels the ultimate and they're perfect for your perfect bondage doll.

These are by far our most popular and most requested distinctive ballet heels!  To make them even more special, the pink ballet heels arrive fit for a princess, lovingly wrapped in tissue paper and a pretty bow. Just like a present. Exactly the kind of present you've always really wanted, and now you can finally have. Isn't it time you gave yourself a really nice present like this? Go ahead, you deserve it!

A side zip means you can keep these laced up to fit. That means they go on quickly with a *zip!* so you can get right to playing that much sooner. More importantly, that means *zip!!* and they're off too. We always like when things come off easily too. *wink*

These beautiful boots include a beautiful decorative padlock and the beautiful color will make any girl feel more girly than ever and turn a male slave into a sexy sissy slave

Available in sizes 7-14.

**Please note, we generally recommend selecting one size larger if you are not used to wearing heels. If you have a wide foot, try two sizes larger than your normal shoe size. For Male to Female conversion, choose a size two sizes larger than a female shoe.  For example, a male size 9 shoe is a size 11 in ladies.


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