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8932DL Fleece Center Heart Paddle


The Fleece Center Heart Paddle is perfect for that over the knee spanking your saucy lover has been so desperately in need of!  I mean, come on....did you hear what she said? She's baiting you to do it. After all, isn't that what she meant with the sparkle in her eye and the sassy smile she wore when she said those things?  She was daring you to take her, love and surround her with sensation.  And you are just the man for the job. And from what we've heard about you, you're very into various "jobs". *wink*  

This high quality paddle is a full 7.5" in length - perfect to get your orders across. The business end of this paddle is 4.25" long and 5.75" across at it's widest point. The fleece center is pretty and sweet and perfect for a good, thumping swat. The other side is smooth finished leather adding that little bit of extra sting to those who can take it. 

As a very interesting side point, the heart shape of this paddle is **just right** for smacking those sweet spots on your lover's bottom cheeks when it's used upside down. Just a handy hint - not that I would know anything about that...

It even comes with a handy leather wrist loop for displaying your toy as a constant reminder to follow your orders. Is it a threat or a punishment?

Compact and efficient, fun and easy to use, Fleece Center Heart Paddle definitely says 'obey my every order'! It offers a light to intense "thuddy / stinging" sensation.

Strictness Rating: 1.0 to 5.0 depending on use!

Dom/mes, it's always a good idea test any new sensation device on yourself first so your helpless sub who's put their trust in you will experience the best each kind of sensation device has to offer. After all, you're training them to love their training, so they'll want more, more, MORE! Make your sweet submissive want more by knowing exactly what kind of stimulation you are providing so you can make them ride the waves of pleasure and pain in exactly the orchestrated way you want. In this way, you not only control the session, you control their desire!

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