3474LT Fleece Lined Buckling Blindfold


Relish in absolute pleasure while sensually bound and gagged once you slip on our luxurious Fleece Lined Buckling Blindfold!

Made from the softest and smoothest leatherette material, this super sexy blindfold is the perfect accessory to use when you want to add a bit more kink to your usual play session. It might look modest because of it's simple design but do not be fooled! This beautiful fleece lined piece can completely block out light to ensure that the wearer will not be able to sneak a cheeky peek through the sides. It is not only pleasant against the skin but this blindfold also follows the natural curves of the face allowing it to function excellently as a blindfold and keep in place even during the most sensual romp! The wonderful buckling strap that goes around the back of the head helps too of course ;)

Just imagine feeling the intense thrill and excitement of not knowing what your naughty lover has in store for you. It could be a nice feathery whip or crop or even a pair of sexy nipple clamps.. Oh boy it could be anything! But whatever bondage gear you or your partner end up choosing to pair with this gorgeous blindfold, you can be sure that every sensation you experience will definitely feel 10x better!

Strictness Rating: 1.0

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