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7040AR Get the Point Stainless Steel CBT Chastity System

Our Get the Point Stainless Steel CBT Chastity System will make anyone nervous just looking at it. But if you're not the one to get locked into this wicked device then it's sure to excite you. 

You will get to experience cock and ball torture at it's finest with our Get the Point Stainless Steel CBT Chastity System. In fact, some even call it cruel. I would agree since I don't think you'll want to get too excited with this nasty little device on your cock. 

Its sexy stainless steel cock cage is only part of the issue. The main reason, let me be exact - reasons are the three stainless steel spikes welded into the base of its cock ring. Each point is milled to a tip, do you get my point? I'm sure any man who wears it will quickly get its points and be more than happy to satisfy your every demand!

So, how does this all work? Simply close the hinged cock and ball ring behind the balls. Be sure to slip the rubber gaskets over the hinge before doing so to avoid pinching any tender parts. We don't want anyone getting hurt at this point just yet. *wink* Next, insert the locking post to hold the cock ring and padlock together from behind the ring. 

You have the option to use this cruel device with our without the spiked ring at the base of the penis. But if you do, then this is the time to slide it down the length of the penis. The locking post also accepts the spiked ring. 

Afterward, slip the cage portion on over the penis and the locking post. Now, lock the cage all together with the accompanying padlock and admire your sissy boy in bondage.

Would you like to tease him and watch him squirm? Go ahead, slide your finger along the cage openings to torment his locked cocked. It might even be time to bring out a few toys. But he'd better hope you don't or else he might start to get an erection in the cage. 

Remember DO NOT get an erection in this device or you will be sorry. An erection in a cage like this is bad enough without those spikes! Can you imagine if they're locked in there as well? So, you'd better beg your owner not to tease your cock to make you hard!

The spiked cock torture ring itself has an inner diameter of 1.25" and the spikes are just over 1/4" long. The cage portion is 2.5" in length and has an inner diameter of 1.5". Remember, using the spiked ring is optional. Then again, what's the point of CBT without some pain, just a little. *wink*

Choose from a base cock ring size of 1.5" or 2" .

Strictness Rating: 5.0+

**Please note that due to the personal nature of this item and because this item is subject to genital and bodily fluid contact, this item is non-returnable.

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