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7111DL Glamour Girl Pink Blindfold


Take pleasure in the bliss of erotic submission with our deliciously kinky Glamour Girl Pink Blindfold. It's the ultimate must-have for your sensory deprivation play kit!

Blindfolds aren't scary. In fact, it's perfect for those who are new to bondage play and sensory denial. They are sexy, plush, and interestingly can even double as a sleep mask! But what we really love about blindfolds is their ability to heighten the wearer's sensitivity and awareness. It also has the power to boost their confidence almost instantly! As many of you know, inhibitions usually get in the way of mind-blowing sex but with a blindfold on, a person just feels empowered, becomes more inclined to fantasize, and act on their fantasies as well ;)

This blindfold is made of soft durable leatherette that feels smooth and pleasant against the skin. It also features a roller-style buckling strap which you can adjust up to 25" for a comfortable and secure fit. Slip them on and be surprised at how effective they are at completely blocking out light. This detail ensures that no naughty sub will be able to sneak a cheeky peek no matter how hard they try!

Wanna know what the best part is about having a blindfold on? It's the feeling of intense thrill and excitement that you'll get from not knowing what naughty surprise your lover has in store for the two of you to enjoy while you're blindfolded, gagged, and collared. But whatever bondage gear or sex toy you end up playing with, know that every sensation you experience will feel 10 times (maybe even more) better with a blindfold on!

Isn't amazing how leatherette lets you play more for less? What's more, whatever messes you get on it (ahem) wipe clean easily with a damp cloth. You can also spritz on some toy cleaner to refresh it. 

You're going to love our matching Princess Pink Leatherette Bondage Gear for the perfect companion pieces to this. Make the perfect bondage gear playtime set!

Strictness Rating: 1.25