529G Hard Pressed Chrome Steel Breast Binder Set


Show off those beautiful soft breasts in our Hard Pressed Chrome Steel Breast Binder Set! It's the perfect way to catch and keep your lover's solely attention on you ;)

Made from 100% high quality chrome steel, this gorgeous binder set is designed to erotically bind the breasts to make them swell and bulge as desired! It includes an adjustable leather strap that goes around the back and fasteners that slide down on each side of the steel bars to keep the comfortably tight and secure as needed.

Slip them on to flaunt your assets or wear them as a fun little surprise for your lover- a sexy prelude to a naughty game, some sensual bondage play, or even for a bit of erotic submissive training.

Breast bondage can be made even more pleasurable with high quality nipple toys and other bondage gear from our collection. Check them out now because they certainly run out fast!

One size fits from 34" to 40" around the chest.

Strictness Rating: Up to 5.0

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