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2448DL How Much is That Puppy in the Window Pink Puppy Play Bone Gag


How Much is That Puppy in the Window? It's soooooo cute! You have to pet it!

Sit up!


Good Girl!

Oh, how we love to hear that phrase! (And the petting that cums along with it!)

This puppy play 1" diameter bone gag is sexy and adorable! Plus, it's made of soft silicone for comfort and durability. Speaking of comfort, bit gags are great for anyone with TMJ or any other jaw problems, as well as for those with difficulty breathing through their nose. This puppy play bone gag is a wonderful addition to any pet's toy box.

This bit gag is 5 3/4" long and has D-rings on either side where you can attach gag reins and enjoy a night of pony-play style fun too. Better yet, add your own collar (how about our rhinestone lettered PET collar?) and, of course, a leash. A puffy tail plug also seems appropriate to me! 

Now, all you need to do is decide how you'll train your puppy. Will she behave? Or will your puppy need to be swatted? Don't bother with a rolled up newspaper though, we've got better things for a good swat than that! (A spanking! A spanking!!)

Does the carpet match the drapes? Who cares? But your bondage gear should match. See our Black Leatherette Bondage Gear collection to create your perfect matching set! 

For more about the different gag styles and sizing information, please see my Gags FAQ page.

This Pink Puppy Play Bone Gag is perfect for your girl puppy, but it's also great for feminizing a male slave!

Strictness Rating: 2.00