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5768LT In a Bind Arm Binder / Leg Binder

Do you love tight, strict bondage? Maybe you love it, but your sub doesn't? Well, this is perfect for both of you! You'll love the way they look and work. Your sub will love how our In a Bind Arm Binder / Leg Binder feels...and works too.

This bondage sheath is open at the top, so it can be used on arms or legs. It's also got the armbinder / monoglove / single glove look we all love - but sometimes can't wear due to anxiety or inflexibility. So this open ended sheath style binder is perfect and absolutely comfortable.

The buckling closure at the top and bottom of the sheath looks great and works quickly to bind your sub. They also allow you to pull your sweet submissive's arms a little closer together more than just the laces alone can do, so you can make this just a little tighter. Shhhh - we won't tell if you don't! The laces then get everything perfectly tight and cinched up. The V-shape helps achieve the perfect fit.

The soft touch leatherette feels great and looks just like leather but for nearly half the price. Plus, if your play gets a little messy, our high quality leatherette simply wipes clean with a damp cloth, leaving it just like new for next time.

While this binder is actually pretty strict, you won't have any trouble getting your sub to love it. It's got a tapered fit to follow the contours of your submissive's arms or legs. It fits from 20"  - 26" (toward knees or elbows) at the top and 16" - 20" at the bottom (toward ankles or wrists)

You can also make playtime even more fun sensually. Have your darling slave at your mercy as you lead them with one of our kinky leashes. As a pro-tip, we know you'll love hearing the sound of their muffled moans behind one of our high quality gags.

You need matching gear and we've got you covered. Check out our collection of Black Leatherette Bondage Gear for the perfect match for this!

Sold individually, can be used on either legs or arms.

Strictness Rating: 3.5