6172MS Large Graves Steel Speculum for Medical Fetish OB/GYN Fantasy

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Playing Doctor is one of the most exciting ways to explore your lover's body and is, therefore, a favorite fantasy for many of us. Now, you can enjoy the role-playing fantasy in the comfort of your own home with the Large Graves Steel Speculum for Medical Fetish OB/GYN Fantasy! 

Just the thought of putting on a lab coat and coaxing people to spread their legs for them, or being the one coaxed to spread them, can very well be the thought to make you orgasm. But wait until you’re open and vulnerable to the inspection of your Doctor, before cumming to your heart’s content! 

So, doctor, spread your patient wide open with the vaginal speculum to get a more intimate look into your patients! It’s advisable to have bondage gear ready for your patient’s check-up. We wouldn’t want your patients squirming around and hurting themselves, right? Give house calls a whole new meaning with the Large Graves Steel Speculum for Medical Fetish OB/GYN Fantasy! Just remember to use plenty of high-grade lubricant for a safe, fun, and enjoyable check-up! 

Your medical sex fantasies will never be the same again once you give your patient their first OB-GYN (that's Open Bondage) exam! Explore your deepest desires and give your partner the ultimate prescription for arousal and pleasure! 

The handle of this speculum is 4” long and its whole length is insertable. When closed, the mouth has a ½ diameter then opens up to 4 ½” when spread to the max.

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