2924D Latex Peephole Bra

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This sexy Black Latex Bra will give you a peek into the fun you’ll be having in the (very) near future! 

This high-quality latex bra is a work of art in black that features small peepholes on the nipple areas! Not only is this latex comfy to wear, it stretches nicely around your breasts without being too constricting, although you can tighten it up a little if that’s what you prefer. The cute nipple cut-outs let you add a wide variety of accessories to your fun. It also lets you try out a variety of sexy activities you’ve always wanted to do.  

It has adjustable back straps to give you the right amount of support and to help you find the correct fit for the breast cups. You can loosen it a little for extra space – if you’re planning on wearing nipple accessories under the bra – or tighten them up a little for a skin-tight fit. Add a beautiful corset to your BDSM attire for a truly sexy look. The whole ensemble will make you look like the teasing little princess you are! 

Remember to get quality Silicone Lubricant from our lubes and lotions collection to shine all of your latex to a lusty gloss that will last a long time! Lubes make everything easier and infinitely more fun! 

For more bondage accessories to add to your sexy costume or collection, you're going to love our matching Rubber Bondage Gear for the perfect companion pieces to this latex peephole bra. Make the perfect bondage gear playtime set to suit your tastes! 

Available sizes: Small / Medium or Large / Extra Large

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