2934D Latex Rubber Moulded Bra Crop Top

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This cropped style top is a hot little addition to your BDSM clothing collection! The underbust is slightly longer than a traditional bra, which makes this sexy piece a versatile top that you can wear any way you want. You can wear this on its own if you’re feeling a little adventurous tonight or you can pair it with a sexy latex or leather skirt if you prefer. 

Our favorite place to wear this is obviously in the bedroom, but we all know it never stops there once you’ve got a sexy outfit on. In fact, no one will be surprised if this latex crop top gets you jumped on the living room couch, in the pantry, on the kitchen table... or in any room your lover catches you in! *wink* 

The molded cups include erect silicone nipples, so your breasts look extra perky and excited. Add a pair of nipple clamps to them for an extra-fetishy, super-sexy look. Don't forget to stock up on latex safe silicone lubricant to shine your latex to a sexy gloss that anyone would love to lick for a taste. 

Check our matching Rubber Bondage Gear collection for the perfect companion pieces to this latex crop top. You can even start creating the perfect bondage gear playtime set with our selection of toys and hardware! 

Available sizes: Small / Medium and Large / Extra Large 

For more information on choosing the right size for you or for a gift, please see our Lingerie Sizing Charts to also help you with converting US and international sizing.

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