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2293DL Leather Ball Crusher Strap - LAST CHANCE - Final Closeout!

It's about time that balls steal the show, don't you think? Balls have always played the part of just a supporting role to the go-to star of the night, which is the cocky cock. This time, our Leather Ball Crusher Strap will highlight the balls' maximum potential to bring a kinky and memorable bondage experience. The ball crusher will surely crush the stigma that penis should always get all the attention.

The simplistic design and easy to use snaps of this cock cage makes it easy to apply, but that doesn't mean it's any easier to wear. This Leather Ball Crusher Strap will keep your boy toy slave hanging on your every word. A ball gag might come in handy, for future pleasure and pain screams.

The strap fastens on top of the penis while the pad sits under the scrotum for a delightful or painful squeeze, making even the naughtiest slave rock hard even during even the strictest of erotic punishments. Put on a blindfold for a more thrilling and fuller torture experience.

Try adding things inside that pad like menthol, scratchy or spiky items to turn this devilish toy into a fiendish toy!

This soft leather cock strap is just what your Mistress has been looking for!  Instead of simply yearning for a sexy boy toy bondage slave, why not make all your sexy fantasies come true. The Leather Ball Crusher Strap is a perfect way to begin cock training.

Adjusts from 4" in circumference up to 7.5" in circumference. 

Strictness Rating: 2.0