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7098DL Locking Fur Lined Bondage Collar with Leash Set

Hurry! Only 4 left in stock!


Are you looking for the purr-fect collar and leash set to lead your sub around the playroom like your own little pet? Well, you don't have to wait fur long for your dream to come true...*wink*

Our Locking Fur Lined Bondage Collar with Leash Set is crafted of high quality leatherette with a soft and comfortable faux fur lining. It's almost as comfy as her favorite pajamas but sexier and certainly more fun! Go ahead, touch it - you know you want to. It feels devilishly decadent!

This bondage collar features 3 D-rings - one in the front and one on either side. Each D-ring lets you attach any type of hardware or leash connection you want or might have. Not to worry if you don't have any on hand this set even comes with a matching black leatherette handle chain leash! So you can play right out of the box. 

Remember to select your new favorite padlock for the buckle! It's perfect for your lovely submissive bondage slave who craves comfort and more importantly, needs some training.  

Pair this with some furry lined wrist and ankle cuffs for even more, comfy bondage-y fun!

The high quality fur lined leatherette will give your sub a snug but comfortable fit at 15" - 18". The leash measures 40" long.

Strictness Rating:  2.0