8975DL Love Me Knot Black Satin Blindfold, Gag, or Tie Up

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Turn up your game tonight with our Love Me Knot Black Satin Blindfold, Gag, or Tie Up for a more thrilling bondage experience!

Crafted from the finest material, this beautiful multi-functional satin band can be used in a number of ways to provide some kink and fun in the bedroom (or wherever it is you might be getting it on!). For visual sensory denial, use it as a blindfold simply by placing it over the eyes and tying it tight at the back of the head, Perhaps at some point you need to muffle your lover's nervous bouts of protest or you just need to keep their heavy moaning in the confinement of your play room, try using it as a gag and you'll be quick to learn that it also works well just as well.

If you're really keen on exploring soft bondage play, know that this satin band is also great for light movement restriction either as an ankle or wrist restraint. If you get a pair, you can totally tie both ankles and wrists at the same time! Imagine all the fun you can have with this simple and elegant bondage piece!

This satin band is just so versatile that you can always find use for it during your favorite bondage scenes. We suggest getting a pair so you can have the ultimate sensual experience! Maybe throw in a set of nipple clamps or a vibrator as well? You could even pick out your own favorites from our huge bondage gear collection! But only if you dare ;)

**Each Love Me Knot satin band measures 58" in length and 2.5" in width. Sold individually.

Strictness Rating: 1.0

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