660P Magnetic Jeweled Tip Nipple Clamps

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The ultimate BDSM pleasure is just a pinch away? Don't believe me? 

Give "precious metals" a whole new meaning with our luxurious pair of magnetic nipple clamps. Beautifully polished, these magnetic nipple clamps will really make you shine - or is that glisten? *wink*

A gorgeous rhinestone is encrusted on the tip of each clamp bar, making these look like piercings.

Warning - these are not adjustable, meaning the strong magnets trap your nipples tightly between the clamps at *their* desired pressure - you don't get to choose! For that reason, these are best for more advanced players and because these are fairly wide, they're also best for those with medium to larger nipples.

Cast in high quality steel and hand-polished to perfection, these jeweled gems are equal parts art and pleasure. The hygienic metal finish is sleek, nonporous, and easy to clean, while the design is body-inspired and made to excite.

Each clamp consists of a weighty circle of steel which, when clamped on to your nipples will offer you some pinch and pull.

The weight intensifies the pinch as you move and the weights swing. Try wearing these during a spanking! As you're strapped and bent over, every swat makes the weight pull on your nipples and making them more and more sensitive - WOW!

The only thing that can make your experience with these nipple clamps better are a blindfold and gag!

Strictness Rating: 3.0

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