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9730K My Heart’s Desire Padlock

Hurry! Only 3 left in stock!

What is your heart's desire? We're betting it involves some type of locking bondage gear!

Our handy little padlock is just the thing you need for all your locking gear! Don't have any locking gear yet? Well, we've got you covered there too. I mean really, your toy box won't be complete until you have some quality lockable bondage gear.

These beautiful, small padlocks are all keyed alike so there's no fumbling for which keys fit which lock because one key unlocks them all. Best of all, the key is all yours, meaning your slave is all yours too, until you let them have the key or until you let them out yourself.

What will you make your collared submissive do to earn the key to this wonderful little lock? Well, what does your heart desire? *wink*

Would you like to give your sub a good spanking with your favorite paddle while they're locked in a gag? How about locking their arms into an armbinder as they perform their serving duties? Remember, whatever your heart desires goes! 

Let your sub or slave feel the love with this heart-shaped padlock. Without doubt, they'll be more than willing to satisfy you so as to earn your affection even more. 

The My Heart’s Desire Padlock measures .85" wide with a total length of 1.25" including the hasp and comes complete with two (2) keys.

Padlocks are sold individually.