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632P Non-Piercing Nipple & Navel Rings

Wear these under clothes for a naughty secret between you and your lover or simply because you want to enjoy the stimulation. Either way, you can still keep this naughty secret from everyone!

These non piercing nipple rings are both attractive and sexually arousing when pinched on.They're fully adjustable. Simply spread them apart a bit wider or pinch them a bit tighter. You decide how much pressure you'll enjoy.

The metal ball on the ring slides around the nipple area, adding a little weight and slight vibrations as you move. It's meant to keep you aroused and your nipples perky the whole time! 

Just imagine wearing these under your clothes in public. It provides stimulation with every slight move. Best of all, nobody will ever know. You'll love the little pinch they give your sensitive nipples, so you'd want to wear them often. I'd bet your master would loooove that.

Plus, they'll drive him wild too! Imagine the look on his face when he sees these dangling from your erect nipples...and wait to see how quickly other things become erect too!

It's the perfect way of exploring sensory play for beginners. If you enjoy the increased sensitivity that nipple simulation brings, you can try to move on to more intense experiences. Nipple clamps are the best next step.

Wonderfully sexy and they feel incredible - you should consider an extra set for down there too! *wink*

You can also explore breast play further with weightselectro-stimvibrations and suction! We have everything you need to satisfy your fetish fantasies.

Silver rings are sold in pairs.

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