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2488E Open Mouth Large Medical Fetish Molt Gag - FLASH FRENZY!

Ever want to play Doctor and take it to the next step? Perhaps in your waiting room you have a noisy patient who needs to have a private session with their sexy and incredibly hot doctor.  Really the only limit is your imagination.  And we were at Sub-Shop are all about imagination.  And Bondage.  When you combine the two, you have the perfect combination. It's even better than Peanut Butter and Chocolate! (But imagine walking down the street and accidentally running into someone with an open mouth - "You got your Molt Gag in my mouth!" "You got your mouth around my Molt Gag!" Two great personal tastes that go great together!)

The Open Mouth Molt Bondage Gag goes in on the side of the mouth by the cheek.  The curved U is inserted into the side of the mouth as you push down on the side tab to gently open the ratchet to make the gag larger and more effective.  Double ratchet style operates smoothly and easily. Quick release system (and quick insertion too!). Simply squeeze the ratchet tops together to release. Opens to a full 1.75" inner diameter in 1/8" increments making this gag very flexible.  The total length of the open mouth molt gag is 5 1/2" long.

The Open Mouth Restrictive Large Molt Gag for Medical Fetish keeps open one side of your lover's mouth. It's pretty but for maximum effectiveness, I would reocmend getting two, as you will then have your lover completely at your will.  

A wonderful oral play / drooling gag with sooooo many possibilities! (A little honey, something else to stick in there...well, you can use your own imagination!)

For more information, please see my Gags FAQ page.

Strictness Rating:  2.0 - 3.75 depending upon adjustments.

Did I also mention that this gag is perfect for adults who refuse to take their vitamins? Although technically, if you are eating adult gummy vitamins they take away your adult card....which means more time for recess....

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