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6842A PET Rhinestone Collar, Black Leather


So fashionable, so wonderfully cute and pretty! You'll be the center of his attention when you wear this lovely, 1" thin leather PET Rhinestone Collar!

PET Rhinestone Collar, Black Leather is a cute but oh so meaningful kind of collar you can give to your most beloved pet. PET can be a teacher's pet, a good kind of pet, a pet in training, a naughty misbehaving pet, a newly owned pet, and everything in between. Any pet will be happy to receive a sexy collar with rhinestone; a tail plug will surely be wiggly!

I LOVE these! In fact, I love them so much if I could put some heart emojis here, I probably would. I mean, what girl wouldn't love to be her lover's pet? Especially in cute rhinestones! Aren't those a girl's next best friend? Or is that a Magic Wand is a girl's best friend? *wink*

The dainty style allows you to wear this proudly in public, while still retaining a bondage look. You'll both love the feeling of ownership you'll have when you wear this out and about. Where will you be taken for a walk?

The little D-ring that hides behind the collar is not only a pretty little accent, but also very useful for leashes and leads or other hardware connections so you can enjoy a little alone time with your cherished pet!

You're going to love our matching Black Leather Bondage Gear for the perfect companion pieces to this. Make the perfect bondage gear playtime set!

Fits 9.5" to 16" neck.

Strictness Rating:  1.0

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