1402LB Pink Hair, Don’t Care Pretty Pink Wig with Blond Highlights

Our Don’t Care Pretty Pink Wig with Blond Highlights doesn’t say why, instead “Why Not?!” Super sweet, sexy and fun, this long and luxurious beautiful pink wig has delicate blond highlights to set your night aglow. 

Change your outlook on life, with a simple flick of the wrist you have an entire new look. You’ll be inspired to be who you want to be with this adorable Don’t Care Pretty Pink Wig with Blond Highlights. It's the same wig I use and love throughout the photos here on the site. The great quality of this wig makes it wear very well, even after so much brushing. 

Enjoy the fun and flirty look of this pretty pink wig’s gentle waves in the back for your daytime style or private playtime. The longest wave in the back measures 26” while the bangs can be worn in a sort of "Jessica Rabbit" style. Brush it to one side for an over one eye look or simply pull it back. 

The Pink Hair, Don’t Care Pretty Pink Wig with Blond Highlights is perfect for girly subs and feminized males to express their new long and luscious, sassy pink style! Wear this with your favorite kinky clothing or lingerie set and add a collar or gag to accessorize. ;) 

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