2768P Japanese Silk Bondage Rope, Pink

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With this elegant, erotic and soft Japanese Silk Pink Bondage Rope, you don't need to be a Shibari master to enjoy the decadent pleasures of Japanese-style rope bondage play.

The combination of comfort and function in this rope will make your submissive feel at ease even while in inescapable bondage. So, just imagine your lover all tied up in this gorgeous rope. I bet you'd want to keep them restrained for as long as possible while you play with them like the pleasure toy they are. It will definitely keep you preoccupied for weeks learning new ways to tie and be entertained for years to cum!

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you'll love the softness and durability of our wonderfully useful 5/16" thick black colored rope. The braided poly blend offers 25 feet of fetish rope bondage bliss. Your submissive will love the way it feels entangled around their wrists so much, they'll want even more - so go ahead and tie up their ankles, arms, breasts, maybe even put them in a hogtie or a beautiful body harness... Oh my, I'm getting a little wet! *giggles*

The ends are even sealed to keep them from unraveling. But if you'd like to cut it to make smaller lengths, be sure to wrap our high quality gag tapes around the rope. Cut in the center of the tape to hold the new ends together to prevent fraying and unraveling.

Available in several colors, make sure you check them all out. Add a girly touch to your bondage session with the delicate color pink! There are so many pretty and sexy ways to be tied with it!

For a more intense bondage experience, remember to add a gag. Even the most beautiful rope bondage is incomplete without a really good one and we've got a huge selection for you to choose from, including lots in pink to match this wonderful rope!

Strictness Rating: 1.0 - 5.0 depending on the position!


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