1107P Pipedream Extreme 4 oz Spray Pump Toy Cleaner

Keep your favorite pleasure products clean and safe with Pipedream Extreme 4 oz Spray Pump Toy Cleaner. This unique cleansing agent gently sanitizes and protects your toys, so be sure to always use it before and after the fun.

See? We've thought of everything, from start to (literal) finish!

Our special toy cleaner is safe to use on all of your naughty sex toy materials. It's as easy as a simple spritz all over your toys! For clean and hygienic fun, make it part of all your BDSM sessions.

You need toys to go with this cleaner. We have toys for vaginal and anal play for both subs and doms to enjoy. Take your pick of glass, steel or silicone toys.

Directions: Remove toy's batteries before cleaning. Spray Sex Toy Cleaner over the entire surface area. Let stand two minutes, then wipe with a damp cloth. Rinse thoroughly and let air dry.

Quantity: 4 fl oz.

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