1339P-PNK Maxi Wanachi, Pink

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This is the one you've heard about. It's the one they use in porn videos and for good reason, these girls know what works. The Maxi Wanachi gets the unanimous "thumbs-up" votes from everyone I talk to. Now, it's your turn!

Our ever popular Wanachi vibe just got bigger! Enjoy powerful and soothing vibrations anywhere you go with this wonderful cordless massager. Powered by a whisper-quiet motor, the Maxi Wanachi is the premier choice for revitalizing tired muscles (if that's what you want to call it). *wink* The variable speed lets you choose your favorite setting to relieve tension and reduce muscle fatigue to give your aching body the recharge it deserves. (And we know what you've been aching for!)

Try this incredible vibrator with one of our specially designed Orgasm Harnesses - the originals! - to hold this vibrator in place for orgasm after orgasm after orgasm...whether you like it or not (but you'll like it *wink*). Imagine the pulsation patterns while you're gaggedtied and struggling - for more! - as the patterns of vibration and pulsation tease you into a sex-haze of epic proportions! And the best thing is, you can use this with the attachments inserted while it's buckled up tight against you too. I see some personal time in your future...

Speaking of which, it's waterproof too, so try it in the spa or shower and turn bath time into your pleasure me time.

Use plenty of lubricant then get ready for an extra wet and very wild ride! Cleanup is a snap after the fun with a few sprays of our antibacterial toy cleaner and warm water. 

Its flexible head lets you easily get to all the right spots where you need it most. The Maxi Wanachi is 9" long with a 1.75" diameter. It's perfect for home and to pack in your travel bag!

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