719P Mini Silk Rope, Pink

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It's time for some rope action with your little pet!

Explore the ancient art of Shibari or sensual rope bondage with our beautiful Mini Silk Rope in Pink! Silk is a great choice of rope material not only because it is soft and aesthetically pleasing but more so because it is highly durable, flexible, and easy against the skin. (Which can only mean that there will be tons of rope bondage play with you and your dom/sub! *wink*)

Rope is a really versatile bondage accessory as you can create an infinite variety of restraints with it. And you don't even need to be an expert! Simply let your imagination be your guide to discover the endless possibilities of rope bondage. (Might I suggest a blindfold and a whip?)

Just make sure to have a good pair of safety scissors handy in your bondage kit because you never know when you might not be able to get a knot untied or when you just need to remove something right away so it's best to be prepared ;)

Combining comfort and function, the rope will put your submissive at ease in inescapable bondage. Just imagine your lover all tied up in this gorgeous rope. I bet you'd want to keep them restrained as long as possible while you play with them with silicone toys and vibrators. It will definitely keep you occupied for weeks as you explore your fetish fantasies for years to cum!

This rope measures 6 feet long and has a diameter of .25". Sold individually.

Strictness Rating: 1.0 -3.0

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