7380AR Points of Intrigue Locking Penis Plug Chastity with Spiked Penis Cage


Are you intrigued? Well, one of you would be but the other one who gets locked into this devious device may not be!

Our Points of Intrigue Locking Penis Plug Chastity with Spiked Penis Cage is genuine cock and ball torture and torment at it's finest. This cruel device can be used with our without the hollow urethral plug. Some of these hollow urethral plugs have been described as "cum through" but I really don't think you'll be cumming with this nasty little device locked on your cock.

But the removable ribbed urethral plug isn't the main reason for this. Actually, there are SIX reasons why this device is so strict and each one of them has a very valid point for being so. Each stainless steel spike welded to the inside of the base cock ring is milled with a tip, meaning the wearer will get your point(s) right away! So you can expect him be very agreeable to every demand you make! *wink* 

This would be a good time to make him wear a collar and leash. If you've ever wanted to explore role playing then now is the time to do it. He can't say no to you!

So, how does this all work? Simply slide the cock and ball ring behind the balls. The hollow stainless steel urethral catheter includes the base pointed cock ring with the Points of Intrigue attached. A glans ring slides along the length of the top bar to let you position it exactly where you'd like it to be. 

Once the cock and ball ring is behind the balls, the urethral insert can then be inserted carefully (remember to use lubricant) and the pointed steel ring guided carefully over the penis. The glans ring can be slid along the shaft to nestle behind the head of the cock and cock ring. Next, the padlock is added and the whole device is simply secured.

For your sake, DO NOT get an erection in this device or you will be sorry. In fact, you'd better hope your owner doesn't tease your cock to make you erect! But with your cock deliciously caged, it's really the perfect time for your master/mistress to tease you through the openings using some of our naughty vibrators. If you want to be completely dominated, take a look at the anal toys we have to offer.

Go ahead and get messy! This cock cage not only looks great, it's easy to clean too. Just spray it with a little of our antibacterial toy cleaner and run it under warm water to make it like brand new!

The Points of Intrique Locking Penis Plug Chastity measures 3.75" down the length of its cage and the cock ring is 4.25". The hollow urethral plug is 3" in total length and 8 mm in diameter. The spiked cock torture ring has an inner diameter of 1.5" with 1/4" spikes and the glans ring has an inner diameter of just 1.25".

Choose from a base 1.5" or 2" cock ring.

Do you need a different base ring size? We offer 3 sizes of replacement rings for this chastity so you get  the proper, tight fit you want! Choose from a 1.5" size ring, a 1.75" ring or a 2" ring.

Strictness Rating: 5.0+

** Note: This item is non-returnable due to its personal nature and exposure to genital and body fluids.

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