950L Private Dancer Long Sleeve Bodysuit

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"I'm your private dancer, I'll do what you want me to do..." 

Bring a new, sexy meaning to Tina Turner’s song and truly embrace your love for erotic dance with this sleek bodysuit! Wear this with your favorite lingerie or without anything underneath if you that’s what you prefer. *wink* 

This bodysuit will fit your body like a second skin once you put it on. It is made from a comfortable and elastic material, so you can finish your dance without worrying about any wardrobe malfunction. You can bend and stretch your body and still feel comfortable with this bodysuit on. Also, don’t forget your bondage accessories for a seductive performance worthy of a standing ovation. Just beware of other things that may also be standing once you’ve taken your last bow. 

Drive anyone wild with the Private Dancer Long Sleeve Bodysuit. The sheer material is slightly transparent, which gives you the best way to tease and please your Master or Mistress - a sexy, naughty peek of a tease! Try on nipple jewelry under your bodysuit for a wicked surprise only for your VIP. 

That little bit of transparency will make your breasts – and other bits – look even more appetizing, especially when your audience has to be patient and wait (if they can!) for the end of the program before getting a bit of you! 

Imagine what kind of trouble you can get into in this daring bodysuit! And add an erotic performance to the mix? Boy, you’ve got to be prepared for the spanking you’ll surely get once the curtains fall down! If you’ve got the courage to try seducing your Master or Mistress with a sexy dance, then you totally have to get this Long Sleeve Black Bodysuit for your special performance! 

One Size Fits Most. 

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